Alissa the Poet

Hey All, When I started this blog I wasn't entirely sure what the end game was. All I knew is that I was traveling places I'd never been before and wanted to share my outlook. I wrote a lot when I was in High School. So, by starting this blog, I wanted to get back [...]

Texas: Round One

Hey All, I think it's been mentioned before that I am a fan of Texas. (I mess with Texas!) Luckily for Eric and I, we are in Texas a lot this spring. (Winter/Spring which is more accurate.) Winter for the south is rain and a lot of it. So... that's an adjustment. As opposed to [...]

Pennsylvania: Bring Your Own Beer

Hey All, This year is flying by thanks to February! I blinked and now it's March. Eric and I have had a busy start to our 2019. We are getting used to the new camper, in all it's easiness. We were unable to take it on this trip but we had a fun experience in [...]

The One with the New Camper

"Lance. I want a Lance." Eric whispered in his sleep. He did about twenty hours of research on the Lance 2295. We talked about all of our needs and wants. We talked about the things lacking in the camper we had. Eric sorted through reviews, went on message boards, join facebook groups and almost became [...]

Wandering around the Holidays (Act Two)

Before our Christmas celebrations, Eric and I wandered to New Orleans for his work conference. Nawlins' decked all of their halls! This was the lobby of our hotel, The Roosevelt, Waldorf Astoria. It was decorated from wall to wall with lights, red bows and poinsettias. Super decked! Even Bourbon Street was brimmed with Christmas cheer!! [...]