Wandering with Exhilaration

The adventure began for me at the Iowa State Fair, in Des Moines, Iowa, known for the infamous cow butter sculpture, not so famously known for the record of the fair’s largest rabbit weighing in at 22lbs, 5.5oz in 2012.  I’ve lived in Iowa my whole life, so even though this fair attracts many people around the country, world sometimes, it was hardly the excitement I thought I had in store.  This fair marked the days of my transition into living on the road with my boyfriend, Eric, in his camper while he works at Home and Garden shows around the country selling high end beds.  We have been living in the camper together since about June, along with our dog, Sue.

I love to cook as does Eric, we both try to eat healthy and avoid dairy, due to my allergy.  We spent the summer living off of fast food and restaurants, while we are on the road we want to try to avoid that.  Partially because of my health and partially because we want to look good in swim suits.  My family are the type of people who cook at home, rather than go out for a fancy dinner, we can make it better.  Be prepared for me to show off what Eric and I do with our meals, even if our supplies aren’t the classiest.  (I.E. All of our glassware were glasses from bars we patronized this summer. #economic)

I have hardly traveled, so this adventure is the one I want to say yes to, and take it for all it’s worth.  We have made it from Des Moines, Iowa, to Johnson City, Tennessee, to Grapevine, Texas with hints of Memphis, Tennessee mixed in.  It is a privilege to see the country.  Yes, the trucker gas station stops aren’t what fairy tales are made of, but it’s real.  I am observing the world around me and hoping to find the beauty in it.

When Eric asked me to join him on the road my instinct, my gut said yes.  I was afraid I wasn’t going to be able to afford it.  I saved all the money I made this summer bartending.  I paid off a large medical bill and fully purchased my car.  I didn’t have a lease, I was living with my parents (not to brag!).  The stars aligned for me to come with him.  I had spent all summer in the camper with him anyways, life on the road couldn’t be much different, right?

Well… we will find out!

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