Camper life has it’s advantages…

Greetings from Philadelphia!! This week I have been able to make some adjustments to the camper to help utilize what little space we have.  I think living in a camper has forced me to be creative with storage and become more organized than ever.  I have been living in this camper for about three months now and it feels like being home just as much as any apartment I’ve had.  When you leave home after high school, your parent’s house is referred to as “home” for quite some time.  I mean, for me, it is still considered “home”.  (Have I mentioned my permanent mailing address at 29 years old is still theirs? #dreamsdocometrue)

Eric and I are still figuring this camper life out.  The most difficult part isn’t the small space, the limited storage or the lack of warmth, it is that when we travel it pretty much derails any success I have found.  Luckily, I have the bedroom area on lock down, surprisingly pillows and blankets don’t move as easily as my ceramic plates and owl mug do.  (Rest in peace, owl mug, you were good to me.)  The back portion of our 24 foot travel trailer is dedicated to Eric’s Harley (insert correct statement about type of Harley here) and our (my) clothes.  We have two plastic four drawer dressers that tend to come open when we travel. We’ve secured bungee cords to them from top to bottom to stop that.  The hanging clothes still come off of the bar, the shoes come out of the shoe organizer but other than that I feel successful fixing the drawer problem.  Small steps, I suppose!

If I can find a way to make the kitchen area my bitch, I will feel as if I can accomplish anything.  Do you ever do that? Where you say “I did this, don’t mess with me!” As previously mentioned, I have lost really cool plate ware and mug ware, naively thinking I could have nice things.  Really though, breakable items come into this camper with an expiration expectation.  I am attached to everything here, but I know I may not get to have it for the rest of my life.  As Eric questions, “Was it a family heir loom?” Aka, it’s not a big deal that it broke… yes I may have gotten emotional about the owl mug. Anywho, I need to have the coffee maker on the counter, I use it every day.  Yet, when we get to movin’ the coffee maker has to find a new home, in this very limited space.  Maybe that is something I’ll always have to wrestle with, but I am still brainstorming ways to ensure a longer life expectancy for my breakables.

When I began to pack for this adventure, I had to make some really difficult decisions about what would come with me and what wouldn’t.  I was permitted ten books (I took that as fifteen) and two pillows (I brought one, hoping I could finagle one on the road).   The true brilliance of my negotiation was that we never discussed shoes- me feigning it as a non-issue.  (Insert maniacal laugh here!)  Although, I am paying the price for that.  I tried turning our shoe organizer around in hopes the wall would prohibit them from falling out, but that did not stop them.  Perhaps I need to find a shoe organizer that slides under the bed.  Any suggestions are welcomed!  I will not be giving up any shoes in this process! I have already left shoes behind… I can’t make that cut again!!

I brought books, a decorative pillow, kitchen ware, an owl cookie jar, an owl decoration as well as clothes and shoes to coincide with weather conditions.  Eric just kept reminding me as I was packing “Does it have a use and do we have room for it?” I am satisfied to know I can live without quite a bit of my items, as the majority of my life is in a storage unit as is Eric’s.  There are very few times I think to myself, I NEED that item, why did I leave it behind?

It has been a challenge to live in this camper.  It is not easy and it isn’t glamorous but I am really enjoying it.  I think with less stuff in my home, it forces me to go outside, and after all isn’t that why I am doing this? To SEE new things? Right now we are camping near Philadelphia, with a little creek next to us and with a fishing pond that is home to two very protective swans (as Sue, my dog and I have found out).  The leaves are falling with the wind and colder weather, those that remain are turning red, orange, pink and auburn.  I am still in awe that I get to see the country with my boyfriend, who knows what adventures are ahead of us!

***If you want to see some of the places I’ve been able to capture please follow me on Instagram at thewanderinglily3.

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