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Holy busy life, Batman! When we started this journey, I pictured myself hanging in the hammock, reading a book, seeing all the free/inexpensive sites I could and write, write, write!  The reality is, that it is very time consuming to be on the road! I have been going to the home shows with Eric the past few weeks.  Eric is a great teacher/ trainer, I have learned a lot from him about sales.  This week I had my first bed sale!  It feels amazing to finally have one under my belt!  For the month of October we participated in Sobertober- an alcohol free month.  It was challenging but throughout the struggle I knew I was doing something I NEEDED.  We spent the summer drinking with friends every night, that behavior stayed with us through the start of our fall.

The month of October we also had a strict diet.  We did a low carb, low sugar, dairy-free(mainly me) and high protein diet.  I flub on the carbs a little bit, Eric enjoys his dairy.  We eat a lot of chicken breasts and thighs.  We eat steak once a week.  We enjoy pork, being from Iowa, when I am in an area that will have good pork, I splurge.  We have been obsessed with this seasoning, Everglades Seasoning, an all purpose spice.  We use it on pretty much everything since we found it in the South.  We ran out of the sauce we were obsessed with and can’t find it anywhere.  It is Frank’s RedHot Sweet Ginger Rajili hot sauce.  I am a wimp when it comes to spice but this was more just a heat.  It was delicious and I search for it every time we go to the store.  I am trying to introduce fish into my diet more, Eric like’s seafood but he doesn’t like fish.  I am a big fan of salmon, so on nights when we would typically do steak, I am going to do fish instead.  The thing I try to remember is that this diet change is a process, I am going to treat myself every now and again, everything in moderation.  However, editing out the carbs has opened up my world to just one side with your meal: veggies.

The first poem I ever wrote was about broccoli and how I hated everything about them even their dumb green shape.  It was… inspirational.  I grew up to be a hypocrite though because I love broccoli.  I enjoy eating anything that is green.  Brusselsprouts, green beans, asparagus, zucchini and any lettuce green available to me.  I am opening up my options for other vegetables that I haven’t always consumed.  I really dislike the texture of tomatoes, however I love ketchup, marinara and any tomato based product.  I force myself to consume them and have get over the texture of them as I get it.  I mean. even for my eye its enjoyable to have color variety on my plate.  Most of the time its just entirely green.  I am incorporating more peppers as well, something I wouldn’t pick out myself.  I look forward to eating more knowing that I am preparing it myself and am going to feel good about it as well.

I’ve always been an avid fruit eater but now a days I am trying new fruit that I’ve never had before.  I never had a plum before, how lame right? I live in America, I can eat whatever, whenever I want but I never had one! Lames.  Eric and I are using fruit to replace desserts and sweets.  (A thing I once mocked people for, so I know how I sound!) I have been adding honey and a hemp/flax seed mix to shake it up a bit.

I have had a dairy allergy since I was 17 (I’d like to go more into that later) therefore eating healthy is important to me.  After hearing everyone in the world reply “Oh my god, I could never live without cheese.” upon hearing my allergy, I have had to look at food differently.  It isn’t a pleasure.  It isn’t a luxury.  It is a means to survive.  We are living organisms, food is our power source.  I think we have the ability to enjoy the food we consume, but it is a 1st world mindset to think we should ALWAYS enjoy what we consume.  Sometimes, you have to eat the kale because it gives you the goods that you need.

I am posting photos of the food we have prepared on my instagram account: thewanderinglily3

We are done with the shows after this week: expect more posts to come! Thanks for sticking with me through my drought, I have so much more to say ya’ll! (Oh no… I’ve been in the south for too long..)


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