Hopefully Helpful Hints

HELLO FROM OKLAHOMA! The caps are because it has been the windiest four days of my life and that is just how I talk now.  The RV campsite has a couple oil rigs which set an Oklahomian feel to my two-a-day walks with Sue.  He has gotten quite a bit of out doors time in OKC, despite 30 mile per hour winds, it has been sunny and 60 degrees.  I feel thawed out, just as we are about to head up to South Dakota.  I can feel the medicine kicking in, I am feeling much better.  Thank Goodness!! Oh and as promised, my own ode to steroids.


Every morning I take you

By mid day, I feel you take me

Shake me

Make me


I am a constant buzz

My head filled with fuzz

And I’m angry just because


I tend to make up poems or rhymes a lot about my medications.  I think putting a fun twist and making a “Pill Time” song just really goes to show how much of an affect Blues Clues had on me.  As someone who is about to turn 30 in a few days, I am in the mood to share what little drops of wisdom I might have.  So here are some hopefully helpful hints about saving some mula on the road.

When Eric and I travel for 8-10 hours a day, we rely heavily on coffee and water to get us through. My sister’s fiancee gave Eric a Stanley Thermos for Christmas. That thing has been a life saver.  We will brew a good pot of coffee for the day, rather than talk each other into getting Starbucks to treat ourselves from having to drink gas station coffee all day.  What a reward system huh? (I found Starbuck’s breakfast blend on special for $6.99, that is my excuse and I am sticking to it!)

All of the trips to Starbuck’s or even gas station coffee add up.  Once you spend a dollar, you find it easier to spend more than one.  Might as well.  One of our 2018 goals for traveling is to only purchase gas at gas stations.  No water, no coffee, nothing.  I am trying to keep left over gallon water jugs and am filling them up with tap water.  (Ugh, I know.  Flint Michigan still doesn’t have clean water and it makes me nervous to drink tap water.  But…frugality!)

Eric has a couple yeti coolers that save us when we are boon-docking at a rest stop- our refrigerator doesn’t have power when we aren’t hooked up to a battery.  Eric’s Dad was kind enough to give us an ice maker for Christmas, that alone is going to save us.  We can always have our big yeti cooler cold, full of ice, ready to save food.  Again, rather than purchase ice every time we are at the grocery store.  This yeti cooler has been a pain in my neck.  I have to keep it cold, once it gets warm the ice will melt and I have to start all over.  It’s a fun game that the yeti keeps winning.  But I’ll get it one of these days…

For anyone who is on the road, I hope these things helped if you are trying to cut down on costs.  2018 is going to be the year where I calibrate from the mistakes I’ve made, whether on the road or off.  Keep wandering. <3afk

We have the 1.1 QT Size, Stanley Classic Vacuum Insulated Thermos


Yeti Cooler’s – Eric has had these for a while.  They are spendy but for us, worth it. 



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