Birthday Sushi in a Boat

As a 30 year old woman…

Okay really I just wanted to type that to see how it felt.  I am 30 years old.  Feels weird.  But I am ready to for it.  The direction I am headed in my 30’s is focus.  To live deliberately.  I am going to be more conscious of my diet.  It is crucial I pay attention, now more than ever.  I am still not 100%.  With this chronic illness, when I have a bad day it gets to me mentally.  Am I going to have to go back to the hospital?  But I have to stay positive.  Keep moving, keep going.

Eric spoiled me rotten for my birthday.  (He spoils me rotten every day…buuutt) We met up with his sister and her boyfriend for sushi at Blue Sushi Sake Grill in Lincoln, NE.   We ordered so much sushi it came in a boat!  Like sushi on sushi on sushi.  Plus sashimi and fish roe. I think I ate my weight in sushi.  And that’s all a girl wants on her birthday, or for me it is just always about the food.  ON A BOAT!  He gave me a beautiful hyacinth plant and a metal owl ornament for our campsite.  He continuously surprises me with gifts here and there if he sees something at the home and garden shows.  We both do that, just get things for each other and that matters more to me than a big gift on my birthday.

We are traveling without our camper at the moment. (Feels like without a limb) We are headed to Rapid City, SD.  It is difficult to RV camp when the temps dip below freezing.  We have had some pretty cold nights even in Tennessee, so we decided to hotel/couch surf for this trip.  With that being said, my upcoming on the road challenge is how to not eat out every single day.  Not only for financial reasons, but also Eric is on a diet, I want to focus on my dairy free life.  It is frustrating how eating unhealthy is so easy and inexpensive.   McDonald’s is cheap, hot and simple.  Why can’t there be a healthy food stand at every gas station? Why does the bad food taste so good? Why, oh, why! (First world probs anyone? Anyone?)

Plus, since we are staying in hotels, I need to find a way for us to cook a healthy dinner.  Maybe it will be a TV dinner sort of week.  Eric and I are going to be living like college kids.  Cup O Noodles, hotel coffee and cable TV.  Sue is the only one who has it made in this situation.  He gets to sleep in a hotel bed, continue his food schedule AND site see?  What a doggo life!

I will be posting on instagram a lot this week.  I am going to see Mount Rushmore, and site see around Rapid City.  I hear there is a lot to do even though it is winter.  I also heard they don’t have the best shopping sites, so site seeing might be just the thing! 🙂 Keep Wandering.  <3afk

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