Focus… Ooo, Shiny things…No Focus!



Hey Friends,

We are one month or so into 2018 and it is gut check time.  How are your goals coming? Are you eating those veggies you said you would?  Working out every day?  Taking your dog for a walk every morning?  Yeah, me either, but don’t let your “failures” get you down.  You are in control of your life.  I would say if you didn’t do this in the beginning of January, now is the time to put pen to paper and focus (or refocus).

One of my 2018 goals is to be more focused.  (It is a life goal also, shiny things distract me quite easily.)  It is easy to say out loud “I want to exercise more.”  But when time comes to put those words into action, what did you really mean by exercise?  Was it once a week?  Go for a walk in the morning? Do yoga?  My next few suggestions are thanks to a seminar I attended with Eric and his company given by Michael Jefferys.  He is a motivational speaker who provided excellent recommendations to advance focus and goals.  (You can youtube some of his videos, check out his website or subscribe to the seminars he is apart of in the online community.*)

He proposed goals should be concise and have clarity.  Eric and I wrote down our goals. (I made like four lists of goals, health goals, 2018 goals, relationship goals, (don’t murder Eric in his sleep when he snores) and life goals.)  When saying “I want to exercise”, be clear what that means.  “I want to do yoga 3 times a week.”  Not only providing what activity is apart of the goal but also the amount of time each week is needed to complete the goal gives you clarity.  This strategy removes wiggle room for any excuses you may come up with. (Everytime I write you, I really mean me… and the excuse has been that it is too cold to take Sue on a walk, Sue disagrees.)

Michael suggested when you are writing out the goal list to make a couple of copies and put them in different locations to remind yourself of these goals.  It is advertising to yourself, like hey remember you wanted to do this?  “In sight, in mind,” he said.  2018 is the year to get off of auto pilot.  Quit doing what is easy.   Put some work into what you want, and you will HAVE TO see results! (Please note, as I have written this I have been distracted by people watching and my phone… thus the need for focus to be my #1 2018 goal. I am at a Panera Bread, mooching their free wifi and amazing Hibiscus Tea free refills.)

The best advice I took away from the seminar was his number one suggestion: Immediate definitive action, when you get a good idea, or feel the whim of motivation coming on, ACT ON IT.  Especially for me, as a writer, when I have an idea for a post topic or something to write about, I make a mental note.  That mental note almost always drifts from the mental note files into a place I can only imagine is the same location of where all the missing socks go.  Gone forever.  Therefore, this tip is quite useful for me.  I believe it could be for anyone.  When I ran cross country in high school our coach would advise, “Use your hills!”  What he meant was use the easy part of the run to push you forward towards the more difficult part of the run.

Another recommendation from Michael was to visualize like an Olympian.  This really clicked with me.  I am one of those people that would get anxious if I couldn’t visualize an event happening.  Therefore, I already do this in a way, but instead of just picturing what I think would happen, I need to adjust and think of what I want to happen.  (And be positive in the vision, it’s common that I am trying to prepare myself for worst case scenario… it is time to picture the best case scenario!)  Visualize yourself getting on the treadmill after work every day.  Visualize yourself making a healthy meal and enjoying the process as well as the meal.  Use the power of your big brain to help create the future your want and deserve.

I think one road block for people is thinking that other people are more special than them.  Anyone who has ever accomplished the same goal you are working towards was just a human.  They started right where you are.  You could not only end up being just as successful as them, but surpassing them.  All you have to do is try.  (You can do it!)

The seminar I attended really changed my outlook on the goals I have and how to achieve them.  I have written down my goals to make them more real.  I was concise in my list making to ensure the clarity of these goals.  I made several copies and placed them where I would see them every day, in sight in mind!  I act on an idea when it comes to me, rather than attempting to later,  I use my hills.  I visualize the outcome of my goals (in a positive way! No negativity zone here!)  And I realize that everyone was a newbie once, I can be just as successful as those I admire.

Get off of autopilot.  Make 2018 your best year yet.  Don’t forget to be grateful for your opportunities for your improvement.

Oh and keep wandering. <3afk



One thought on “Focus… Ooo, Shiny things…No Focus!

  1. Interesting comment on Erics snoring. Part of my advice to Eric: “When looking for girlfriend; Find one that is crazy enough to be interesting, but wont kill you in youre sleep”. 🤔🤔🤔

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