Technical(ly I’m causing) Issues

What up, camper friends?

So far I think I have painted this camper life with a bit of a glamorous brush.  Perhaps that is because I have enjoyed this shift in my life.  This life that constantly challenges me to adapt to change on a weekly basis.  This life that requires me to be reliant on Eric and Sue for support.  (Truly, I couldn’t have asked for better companions.)  The truth of it is, our camper has had some dings the past couple of months.  Luckily, we have been able to fix most of the issues, but it hasn’t always been easy.

I am 5 foot nothing.  I am a short, petite person.  Due to this height restriction, I use brute force nearly all of the time.  (That’s how I got Eric, ayo!)  The cupboard door won’t open, let me yank on it.  The electrical cord won’t go back into its nook easily? Let me just shove it back in there.  The toilet is frozen shut?  Here, I can jump on that to open it.  Wrong.  Wrong. Wrong.  We are certainly paying the price for my thoughtless yanks and shoves.  (Hey, I was on steroids for a while… I can’t help that I have bulked up. #armdayeveryday)

For a couple of the things that have broken it has been as easy as buying wood glue and a gasket cover.  For a few of the other things, it has been easy to obtain the item, but the price of which left our pockets a little light.

Besides my attempt to see how much I can break before Eric kicks me out of the camper, the wear and tear of a life on the road can add up.  For one, the camper had a nail in one of its tires.  The wheel bearings need to be repacked. (Whatever that means, I just know it’s been on our to do list).  Our camper is older, the seals on the outside aren’t as tight as they used to be.  If it rains too hard the back part of the toy hauler (where we open and close this draw bridge looking thing) will leak and dampen our carpet and any items near the vicinity.  We need to re-seal it, that takes time and so far we haven’t had a dry location to do this.

We need to install a new faucet, as that leaks too.  This issue has a trickle down effect (pun intended).  The cabinets are getting worn from the water dripping down.  The side wood panel has seen better days due to the continuous water absorption.  We go through towels like crazy and considering we don’t have a washer and dryer on hand, that becomes its own problem.

Yes, our camper is older, it needs some loving in the form of money and repairs.  Right now, though, I like the struggle.  I know one day Eric and I will look back at this camper and laugh and say “How did we do it?”  Not only with how small the camper is for two people and a canine, but also with the dated aspects of it.  I love it for those reasons.  I love putting work into it.  I love making it function and look better.

We hope to make these repairs this summer and potentially remodel it.  Until then I will keep my army of towels near the faucet and do my absolute best to not use my Buffy the Vampire Slayer strength on our camper.  I hope winter hasn’t been too terrible for everyone!  We are dealing with rain in the South (AKA mud…mud everywhere..) but hopefully the days of using our little buddy heater are behind us!  Until next time– keep wandering! <3afk

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