Mud Bathin’ in Kentucky

Hey Wanderers,

I started the nature trail in Louisville, Kentucky at two pm.  The sun was still warm on this 50 degree weather day.  No breeze, life was still around me, except for the trot trot trot of Sue’s feet on the rocky path.  The trees tunneled our way, surrounding us on both sides.   Browns, grey and black with pops of a green I’d almost forgotten existed.  Towards the end of winter we are teased with a warmer day here and there.  (Or at least that is how it is in the midwest, in the south it is more than just a day.)  A sneak peak of what’s to come.

This particular path was leading us towards a catfish pond behind our campground.  There were rumors of a cave beyond the pond, by the creek that wrapped around the trail.  Once I stepped off of the trail my boot sank into the saturated grass.  The South has had more precipitation this year than previous years. (Or so I’ve been told.)  I let Sue off of his leash; he had been itching to run.  The last campground didn’t offer us a lot of space for him to stretch.  At fist he timidly sniffed the ground, but after a few steps away from me, he zoomed away.

I walked towards a picnic table, the only one of the three that wasn’t subdued in the pond.  Sue had a mud bath on the agenda.  I had a sun bath on mine. (Though I applauded Sue’s organic spa choice.)  I closed my eyes and let the rays of the sun help me forget the cold.  The moment I became calm within the world, I heard the water become invaded by my once clean dog.  (I expected as such, since Spring is mud and more mud.)

The next day after our mud walk Sue and I wanted to explore Louisville.  Waterfront Park was said to have miles of trails around the Ohio River.  There was the grand lawn, art work throughout. There is a look out point for optimal viewing.

Sadly, Sue and I did not get to see too much of anything in Waterfront Park. It was flooded. (I should have known.)  A lot of logs and branches littered the new shore of the river. Another dog walker lady commented to me that she was relieved the sun was out and the mud was drying. I smirked and said causally, “Yeah, it is.”

After the mud walks of 2018, Eric and I went out for dinner at Sake Blue, a sushi restaurant in Louisville.  They had excellent service, our server was knowledgeable about the menu.  (Which is a relief, I have consistently had servers who weren’t.)  We were adventurous in our appetizer choice.  An Uni shot: a quail egg, sake and ponzu sauce.  It was quite delicious!  We sat at the bar and the chef was helpful with my ordering as well.  I must say this establishment is a place I would frequent again.  I recommend it if you are in the area!

We are headed to the Ozarks next, be prepared for so many pictures you’ll feel like you were there!! 🙂 Keep wandering, <3afk

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