Driving Me Crazy

In this post, I discuss what Eric and I do to pass the time while on the road.

Hey Wanderers,

After traveling in rain for two weeks we have finally felt sunshine on our faces! And oh my, it feels fantastic!  We have had sunny days recently and we were actually able to enjoy them!  (You can see our enjoyment in photos I added on our Instragram Account thewanderinglily3. Check it out!) We are over halfway through our traveling season and it feels like I have spent half of it literally on the road.  Luckily, it isn’t just FM radio keeping us company on our drive.

Even though Eric and I travel across the country, we still have bills that have to be paid.  We still have to keep the normal rigmarole afloat.   For us, the time to do these menial tasks is when we spend, you know, 8 hours in the truck.  We try to take care of business (TCB, as my family likes to say) when we have this downtime.  Pay the speeding ticket (NOT MINE! I swear.. it wasn’t.), renew the tags on my car, pay the hospital bill…you know… just life things.

However, we listen to podcasts quite a bit as well.  Our favorite podcast is The Joe Rogan Experience.  (I’m sure no one is surprised, he has the number one podcast and is freaking awesome.)  Podcasts are like time travel.  Even though I know I am spending every minute in the vehicle, it makes the time go by so fast.  We like his variety.  One episode Joe (as Eric and I call him, we are on a first name basis with the News Radio Alum) will have a nutritionist on his show, the next guest will be a comedian followed by a mycologist.  I am astounded by how much I’ve learned from his podcasts.  Totally recommend!

One other podcast we listen to regularly is The Minimalist podcast.  Ryan Nicodemis and Joshua Fields Millburn educate the consumerist population on reeling in what we think we need and offering a more simple life.  They help me realign what I value in my life.  They offer very positive, uplifting messages about how to live your best life.  If you get an opportunity, even if you don’t live in a camper or RV, it is a great listen! Align your values, ya’ll.  (I can’t stop saying ya’ll, ya’ll.)

Essentially, we use this time to organize our life.  We can plan our grocery list.  We can make a weekly meal plan.  I organize our calendar for work.  Where we will be when.  The times of the shows.  It is a lot of planning.  This is when I book our campgrounds.  I have to take into consideration the price of the campground and the distance from where Eric is working.  It takes some (okay barely anything it’s just googling. #dramalife) research and time on my end.

I typically ride shot gun when we have the camper hooked up.  Eric likes to drive.  So in the end, the thing that has helped ME immensely with the long drives are the naps.  I just love napping all the time.  With all the naps I get.  (This is to Eric, I don’t take naps often, but if and when I do… boy do I hear about it from him! So here. Eric.  I admit it, I love the naps I get in the car when we are on the road. HAHA. Take that. 🙂 )

Any suggestions of other car fun time consuming activities are welcomed!  Do you guys have any podcast suggestions? Good audio books?  Let a girl know!!

Until Next time, keep wandering. ❤ afk





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