Spring has Sprung

I detail great customer service for RV repair needs while in Springfield, Missouri.


Man the past few weeks have flown by!  Eric and I made it to Springfield, Missouri before all the rain and snow.  We actually got lucky with the weather while we were there.  We had some 60 degree days.  So we took this opportunity to get things done.  WE FOUND A NEW FAUCET!!! Oh this is life changingggggg! (In Oprah voice)  In Springfield there is an RV store called Thomas & Sons RV Supply, they are known for having the product no one else does.   Since our camper is consistently the oldest camper in the park (Not to brag), we became giddy at just the thought of finding one item on our list.

Dan was the auto parts associate we worked with.  Dan knew everything there was to know about campers and even our camper.  (I actually think Dan knows everything about life, too, but we didn’t ask him those questions on this visit.)  He was able to find us a stainless steel beautiful faucet with ease.  He walked Eric through the replacement of the faucet.  He worked through the issue we have with out pilot light in our heater with us.  Dan knew everything about the wheel bearings.  Dan is the man!

Eric asked about getting his wheel bearings done, asked about another local business, Crumps, and Dan had only positive things to say about them.  They did the same service, but those guys are good too.  We ended up coming back for repairs with Thomas & Sons because of this.  Unfortunately, we came across only ONE thing they couldn’t do.  They couldn’t weld our axle back together… because the only thing that was holding it in place was imagination. (Let that sink in for a second….)  They found some cracks in our axle that needed to be fixed immediately.

Yikes.  So in the end, we went with Crumps, the other RV service station, they were able to weld our axle.  I need to take a second here and thank the heavens and the earth that the axle didn’t break while we were driving.  I can’t imagine what would have happened had it broke.  (Hands up, Thank you!)

We have been to a few corporate RV stores before and haven’t received this kind of service.   I perceive them as only wanting to sell a new camper.  “Yeah they just don’t make that for the older campers anymore.” Aka, your camper is old, buy a new one with us, only the low low price of your left kidney!  (I’m assuming, with black market prices, I haven’t check recently.) 🙂

So sadly, I didn’t get to explore the beautiful area in the Springfield, MO.  However, fortunately, we were able to find excellent people, being excellent at their jobs.  We were able to let Sue run around outside. (And accepted his brief swim as pictured with this article)  I was able to do dishes without my army of towels.  This trip was good to remind myself how life on the road is a challenge for multiple reasons.  Safety must come first and thank the world for the opportunity to be here.

Keep Wandering<3afk

This is some info on Thomas & Sons RV Supply if you want to check them out!


This is Crump Truck and Trailer Works, INC info, again great service in the Springfield, MO area.



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