Texas Take Three: Austin

Hey All,

Texas has been blast!! While this is my final Texas post, but Austin could be a three part post in itself. Austin is crazy cool, y’all. The moment we parked Eric and I headed to 6th street to see what Austin had in store for us. The weather was beautiful 75 degrees and sunny. Perfect for scootering around downtown and patio drinks!

I felt like the only weird-o in Austin. I tried getting people to dance at a bar playing live music. I made a friend, but she and I were the only ones getting down to the tunes. This is typical inebriated-Alissa behavior.
Our first stop in Austin was at Easy Tiger Bake Shop & Beer Gallery. This started our adventure on 6th street. They had a ping-pong table and a cool patio area. Their homemade chips were pretty yummy as well! We were outside as much as possible.

That food porn above is from Chupacabra Catina y Taqueria! They had hands down the best tacos we had while in Austin. So much so that we returned the next night for more! The Baja Taco had grilled fish topped with jicima slaw (love), pineapple pico and chipolte mayo! Yumsville.

The Parlor Room on Rainey St had an awesome backyard patio. We played table Jenga, they had bags (they called it corn hole… I hate it.) and plenty of comfy seating. Rainey St was just as fun as 6th St. This was where I felt I saw the “weird” of Austin. Loved it.

Willie Nelson is keeping watch over the people of Austin.

Craft Pride had a fun nice patio area and an immense list of craft beer! They also host live music almost every night. Fun place!

This dish is from Snooze AM Eatery. Eric and I went there twice. They had delish Mimosas and Bloody Marys which was needed badly after our nights out. This is their Sweet Potato Hash dish. It had roasted sweet potatoes with savory soffritto & Tuscan kale. Topped with two cage free sunny side up eggs and a drizzle of Gochujang. Unbelievable. I hope to recreate it soon!
I became infatuated with these bad boys. Eric and I boasted about them to some locals at one of the bars and they said the scooters are awesome, but people who ride them suck. They park them in random spots, or in the middle of the sidewalk. They also complained about them taking up the sidewalk too. Thankfully, I was told this after my first ride, so I tried to be as respectful as possible.

Austin, Texas lived up to the hype. And I didn’t even really listen to much music. The people there were incredibly nice. I tested it after a while of being there, because every server, bartender and grocery store clerk were great. I asked other patrons their preference on beer, or just made causual chit-chat. THEY ARE ALL NICE! It is all about the vibes in this city, and they were all good. Can’t wait to go back!

Keep Wandering, ❤ afk

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Here is a list of locations we went to and enjoyed in Austin:






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