Between the posts

Hey everyone! How is Spring coming along for you all? I hope you are staying dry! (#AprilShowersAmIRight) I am posted up in Memphis, Tennessee while Eric is working in Duluth, Minnesota. Today, I was able to enjoy brunch with his parents. We haven’t seen each other in a while and it was so nice catching up! It made me realize there are some photos that didn’t make the cut in previous posts. Still worthy to share and Sunday’s are for catching up!

This is some wallpaper at The Parlor Room on Rainey Street. They had a very artistic vibe in there. I edited the hell out of this, but it looks a little rock and roll to me. I love it.

Those beautiful tacos above are from Monnick Beer Company (Along with the beer, obviously) in Louisville, Kentucky. Eric and I had a difficult day setting up at a show and beer was desperately needed. Luckily, great food was also involved. The tacos had jackfruit sausage, potato, onions, cilantro and green sauce on corn tortillas. Yumsville, Louisville, Kentucky.

Everything feels so posed and staged in our social media world. I’ve grown fond of candid photos. (Even if Eric doesn’t feel the same way!) Above was captured outside of Craft Pride in Austin, Texas.
This mellow fellow crafted in front of
Mi Dia from Scratch in Grapevine, Texas. This is my second attempt at capturing someone else’s artistry. I also love this.
A view from Austin’s downtown. Very Frank. (Don’t worry, I am too!)

Above is in Branson, Missouri at Table Rock Lake. (Thus the Table Rock… on a hike through our campground I exclaimed at my revelation of the rock. Eric realized yet again he is dating an air head. #represent #theycallitTABLEROCKLAKEforareason) Beautiful none-the-less.

Sue and Jo (I’ve been calling her JoJo a lot lately. It fits her spunky personality) catching some rays in Memphis. This was the day before it rained and gave them puddles to enjoy! Good thing I just got Sue groomed. 🙂 I am quite happy to see them loving time together. #bestfriends

I am in love with my new The Wandering Lily logo. What do you think? Does it capture the vibe of the blog?? Let me know in the comments below!

I’ve got a temporary tattoo to avenge and a new restaurant in Memphis to tell you about! Come back on Wendesday for more of my life on the road!

Keep Wandering, ❤ afk

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Links to Places in this post:

The Parlor Room

Monnick Beer Co.

Craft Pride

Mi Dia from Scratch

Information on Table Rock Lake

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