My name is Alissa Frances Kliegl (thus my sign off as <3afk) and I am traveling around the country with my boyfriend, Eric and our dog, Sue ( #aboynamedSue).  We started this adventure together in August 2017 as Eric began to work Fairs and Home and Garden Shows selling luxury beds.  We met while we were bartending in Okoboji, Iowa. (We are both from Iowa. Go Hawkeyes!)  I decided to do something crazy and join him.  I haven’t traveled very much in my life.  I am beyond excited to do so!  I like to go hiking; finding a trail in our campground or investigating any State or National Park nearby.  We take Sue everywhere we go, he has a very privileged doggo life.  Eric and I try to eat healthy, (Dairy-free, because of me) we enjoy trying new recipes.  He and I make the most of each and every location we have the opportunity to see.  Join me in my journey!!