Taking my Mom to Oregon: Part 1

Hey everyone! Spring is here! This year that means my seasonal allergies are atrocious. I have a feeling I'm not alone. Anyone else?? Well, Eric and I started our adventure West with my mom. We picked her up Monday morning in Emmetsburg, Iowa and made it to North Platte, NE the first day. The most [...]

Wisconsin without the Cheese

Hey Wanderers, How are we all doing??  I am doing wonderific.  We have been on the road for a while and I've been able to experience some small town girl things (like leave the small town and go to big cities).   Being from the Midwest, especially a state like Iowa, I kind of put the [...]

Losing myself in Oregon

Hey wanderers, I hope you are finding time to explore the great outdoors this summer.  Even if that exploration is just your local pool!  While I was in Oregon, I was able to explore a National Park from the inside out. I truly learned a lot, considering I'd only ever been surrounded by corn fields [...]

Sue for President

The air was crisp, like freeze your nostrils chill, fresh in true February fashion.  I was dazed by the pine trees that were sprinkled throughout the mountains, offering their free fragrance for the passerby.  The white of the snow throughout the mountains more or less blinded me as it covered anywhere rock didn't.  That probably [...]

January Hike in the Black Hills

The Black Hill National Forest offered snow, a lake, creeks and beautiful hill views on the Centennial Trail.

Camper life has it’s advantages…

Greetings from Philadelphia!! This week I have been able to make some adjustments to the camper to help utilize what little space we have.  I think living in a camper has forced me to be creative with storage and become more organized than ever.  I have been living in this camper for about three months [...]