Between the posts

Hey everyone! How is Spring coming along for you all? I hope you are staying dry! (#AprilShowersAmIRight) I am posted up in Memphis, Tennessee while Eric is working in Duluth, Minnesota. Today, I was able to enjoy brunch with his parents. We haven't seen each other in a while and it was so nice catching [...]

Texas Take Three: Austin

Hey All, Texas has been blast!! While this is my final Texas post, but Austin could be a three part post in itself. Austin is crazy cool, y'all. The moment we parked Eric and I headed to 6th street to see what Austin had in store for us. The weather was beautiful 75 degrees and [...]

Pennsylvania: Bring Your Own Beer

Hey All, This year is flying by thanks to February! I blinked and now it's March. Eric and I have had a busy start to our 2019. We are getting used to the new camper, in all it's easiness. We were unable to take it on this trip but we had a fun experience in [...]

Wandering around the Holidays (Act Two)

Before our Christmas celebrations, Eric and I wandered to New Orleans for his work conference. Nawlins' decked all of their halls! This was the lobby of our hotel, The Roosevelt, Waldorf Astoria. It was decorated from wall to wall with lights, red bows and poinsettias. Super decked! Even Bourbon Street was brimmed with Christmas cheer!! [...]

Wisconsin without the Cheese

Hey Wanderers, How are we all doing??  I am doing wonderific.  We have been on the road for a while and I've been able to experience some small town girl things (like leave the small town and go to big cities).   Being from the Midwest, especially a state like Iowa, I kind of put the [...]