Taking my Mom to Oregon: Part 1

Hey everyone! Spring is here! This year that means my seasonal allergies are atrocious. I have a feeling I'm not alone. Anyone else?? Well, Eric and I started our adventure West with my mom. We picked her up Monday morning in Emmetsburg, Iowa and made it to North Platte, NE the first day. The most [...]

Wandering around the Holidays (Act Two)

Before our Christmas celebrations, Eric and I wandered to New Orleans for his work conference. Nawlins' decked all of their halls! This was the lobby of our hotel, The Roosevelt, Waldorf Astoria. It was decorated from wall to wall with lights, red bows and poinsettias. Super decked! Even Bourbon Street was brimmed with Christmas cheer!! [...]

Wandering around the Holidays (Act One)

Hey all, I hope the Holidays treated you well this year!! Eric and I spent most of our time off traveling! (Surprise, Surprise!) But we can't complain because we got to see so many of our family and friends! My Mom always arranges original center pieces for our Holidays! (Made with home-grown pine cones! ) [...]

Wandering with Exhilaration

The adventure began for me at the Iowa State Fair, in Des Moines, Iowa, known for the infamous cow butter sculpture, not so famously known for the record of the fair's largest rabbit weighing in at 22lbs, 5.5oz in 2012.  I've lived in Iowa my whole life, so even though this fair attracts many people [...]